March 25, 2013

Frühjahrsputz- The Cleaning Day

I came to know that Stadt (City) Lohr where i live has organized an activity on 23rd March of cleaning Lohr and who so ever was interested can register with the Authorities. I as me immediately called the Authorities and registered myself and my French friend for the same. I really felt that as a part of German society it was my moral duty to participate in such a noble cause, which was being held in our interest only. At time of calling i asked that do we need to bring something from Home for the activity and was told that the Stadt would provide everything and i should reach the venue by 9 am and the activity will last till 12 noon. I even asked that where do they want us to clean the area and i was told that we will meet people from the Stadt and they will guide us properly, so no need to worry, just reach on time.

I was so excited don't know why ?. Maybe because i would never get such an opportunity like this, back at home in India. As this kind of idea will fetch no results for a common man there and it will be only just another way of minting money by the Government Authorities. I was really looking forward to 23 March for this cleaning activity and felt that it will be my way of contributing towards the society in which i have been living for past so many years and  it will also be a perfect integration.

Finally, the day came but the weather spoiled my excitement. It was chilling and grey
outside. Still I and my friend decided to go ahead and we reached the venue before time. It was 8.45 am. When we reached there we found about 15 people taking some plastic bags from the cartons and were also collecting a wooden rod with a thick nail in front. We asked one lady what they were doing and she said we are collecting these plastic bags for garbage and the wooden rod is for picking garbage. I asked has the activity started and she replied yes, i was taken aback. Why did they start it before time and no one had any answer to this ?

We looked for people from Stadt and were again taken in for a surprise, when we came to know that there was only person from there. We went to him and asked what to do and where to do ?.  He said pick the bags and rod and start with that lady over there.We said OK,kindly tell us what we have to put where and he said carry on with her and see what she does, then, you also do the same. Awww, by now it was a chaos but still wanting to carry on we followed the lady and after sometime i asked her gently what to do and she was kind enough to guide us. We followed her and started picking garbage and we realized that wooden rod they gave just didn't work. Bloody that Nail was so thick that it would not pierce even
through a piece of bread, what garbage would it pick ?. So we started picking things with hands. We carried on cleaning the streets, children park, footpath and we collected mostly cigarette butts, broken glass, disposed covers from medicines and used tissues. Our bags were full and sometimes they became so heavy that i had to drag them. We carried till 12 noon and then we left for the venue, for lunch. When we reached there we saw about 200 people and all Germans and no foreigner. I wondered from where they came as in the morning they were not at the starting point and why no other person from other Nationalities who have been living in Lohr for long, were there ?. Anyhow, i was damn hungry and rushed immediately to collect food and wow,  in my mouth it tasted awesome. This was the best part of the whole day. I thanked my God that at least the food, they offered us was of good quality. Meanwhile there came one lady and she started addressing the crowd and started thanking this organization, that organization and so on. Later, she on behalf of Mayor, also thanked each one of the person present there, as the Mayor could not come, as he was enjoying his holidays in Poland. A thought came in my mind.....what timing !.
Poor us, the Stadt thanked everyone other then the two foreigners, me and my French friend. Maybe we were not counted because of the numbers ! My friend got up and said there are also 2 Auslanders  present who carried the activity :) and then the lady had no chance but to thank us also.

Well i thought leaders in developed countries lead by examples and not like the ones from the other World. I was wrong, they are same everywhere, developed or not developed. Later in the evening a very good German friend asked me that how was it and spat came the answer, SHIT ! The event was unorganized and the Authorities who had organized this were missing as usual. The equipment given for collecting garbage was equally shit and anyone could see that it was useless. Why did they go with it ?. Sad what a waste of money.

Frühjahrsputz was done just for the heck of doing and the Authorities were not serious at all about it. They just wanted to show that they had done something like this. From this i have realized one thing that East or West, North or South, Politics and Politicians are same..... they SUCK.

If they carry with it next year also,i will again join but this time with my own equipments and my own plans.